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German Passport Issues

Below are some known issues with German passports. If your query is more general, please click here. To see this information in German, please click here.

If you receive the message: "Departmental systems indicate that you are unable to make an application for an eVisitor. Please contact the nearest Office of this department."

This error message usually means that you have entered the passport number in the incorrect format.
German passports numbers never contain the letter “O.” If you are experiencing difficulty using the Australian Immigration eVisa systems you should check you have not mistakenly substituted the letter “O” for the digit “0” (zero).

Please also note that you should enter the number as reflected in the main part of the passport (top right) and not the number listed along the bottom edge in the machine readable part of the passport.

I receive an error message when trying to access VEVO with my German passport:

When accessing VEVO please enter your passport number including the check digit in front of the letter D, as visible in the machine-readable part of your passport across the bottom.

I have received my visa confirmation and there is an extra digit at the end of my passport number.

Please note that this extra digit is the check digit which is reflected in the machine readable part of your passport (across the bottom) in front of the letter D). This number has been added automatically by the system and it is correctly reflected on your visa.

Please be advised that this will not pose any problems for you at the border or at the airport.