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Citizenship by Descent Application Form

Complete Form

To apply for Citizenship by Descent, you must complete form 118. For the most up to date version of this form, please click here.

The form is divided into the following sections. Please click on the relevant heading for further information.

Part A - Your details
Part B - Your parents
Part C - Proof of identity
Part D - Identity declaration
Part E - Good character
Part F - Supporting documents
Part G - Nomination of a representative
Part H - Payment details
Part I - Declaration


An endorsed photograph of the child must be stapled to the right hand corner of the application form to avoid it becoming lost. The photo must be endorsed on the back by a person who knows the child and who belongs to one of the 38 professions detailed on page 5 of your application form. This person must either be an Australian citizen or a citizen of the country where you reside. They must also complete Part D - Identity Declaration on the application form.

Part A – Your details

This is where the child’s details are entered. Please also note the following:

  • The place of birth stated in question 6 should be the same as the birth certificate. Where there are discrepancies, the place of birth listed on the birth certificate will be printed on the citizenship certificate;
  • The residential address in question 7 must be the same as proof of address document submitted.
  • Provide us with an email address, this enables us to communicate with you quickly.
  • For question 13 if you no longer have the visa label number write ‘unknown’.

Part B – Your parents

The details of the Australian parent are entered in question 14. The details of the other parent are entered in question 15. Details of both parents must be provided.

Part C – Proof of identity

This is where the identity documents for the child are listed.

Part D – Identity declaration

The person who has endorsed the child’s photograph must complete this section of the application form.

Part E – Good character

This section does not need to be completed for children under 18. For those applying for citizenship who are aged 18 or above a police certificate must be provided for each country they have resided in for more than 12 months since reaching the age of 18 (this includes Australia).  Further information can be found below.

See: Character Information

Part F – Supporting documents

This is where the identity documents for the Australian parent are listed.

Part G – Nomination of representative

Only complete this section if you would like us to contact your representative in regard to the application.

Part H – Payment details

Please click on this link to see further information on current charges.

Part I - Declaration

If a child is 16 years or older they need to sign the form. The responsible parent should sign on behalf of children under 16.