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Health Information

Once you have lodged an application your case officer will advise if any examinations need to be undertaken. If you are required to undertake a medical and/or radiological examination you must attend a panel doctor/radiologist designated by the Australian Government. Details of panel doctors and radiologists can be found through the links below.

See: UK Panel Doctor List & Irish Panel Doctor List

All medicals and radiological examinations in the UK and Ireland are completed electronically (there are no forms to complete).

Health checks are usually valid for 12 months from the date of clearance. If you undertake these checks prior to lodging the application, it will not reduce overall processing times. If you have lodged an application for a partner or child visa (for which processing times are longer), there is a chance that the clearance may expire before a decision is made, and you may be required to undergo the examinations again prior to the visa being granted.

For general information in regard to the Health Requirement, please click here.

Medical Procedures

All applicants are required to present their passport to the panel doctor when undertaking medicals. Do not send your passport to us if you have not already undertaken any medicals you may be required to do.

Panel doctors are not authorised to return medical results to you. The Australian government requires all medical results to be sent directly to the Department of Home Affairs. Electronic medical results are automatically sent to your case officer.