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Transit Visas

Certain passport holders, including all European Union passport holders do not need a transit visa if they:

  • Will depart Australia by air within 8 hours of the scheduled time of their arrival; and
  • They hold confirmed onward booking and documentation necessary to enter the country of their destination; and
  • They will remain in the transit lounge at an airport.

*Note a Transit visa is required for all persons travelling to Australia to join a vessel as crew, regardless of which passport they hold.

All European Union passport holders who will be transiting for more than 8 hours may apply online for a 3 month eVisitor visa free of charge.


Clients who are not eligible to transit visa free for up to 8 hours or to apply online, should lodge a Transit visa application at the London office. A Transit visa allows, transit through Australia  and holders to enter and remain in Australia for up to 72 hours. The following information will assist your application.

Transit visa application checklist 

  1. Completed Form 876,
  2. Application charge, there is no application charge for a transit visa.
  3. A copy of your travel complete travel itinerary. This must show that you have a confirmed onward booking to continue your journey from Australia to a third country within 72 hours of arrival.
  4. Evidence that you have the correct documentation to enter the third country, for example you may have a visa in your passport to allow you to travel onwards from Australia.
  5. A copy of the passport biodata page and status of UK residency status for each person included in the application. Please note, clients may also be requested to provide their actual passport during the processing of their application. 
  6. UK clients should provide a pre-paid, self addressed special delivery envelope, size C5 large enough for the return of your documents. The London office will make alternative arrangements for the return of documents for clients in Ireland.
  7. If further information is required you will be contacted by an Immigration Officer.