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Contacting the Europe Service Centre

Postal Strike in Germany

There is currently a strike affecting postal services in Germany. As a result, there may be delays in the delivery of post which you send to the DIBP office in Berlin.

If you are able to lodge your application online, we encourage you to do so. Otherwise, we suggest you look at alternative mail and courier services who will be able to guarantee delivery within the required timeframe.


The Europe Service Centre (ESC) is a dedicated and specialist service of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that handles all enquiries relating to visa and citizenship requirements to Australia for clients based in Europe.

The ESC is currently experiencing a high volume of calls. If all our phone lines are occupied, you will hear a busy signal.

Before you contact us, you should contact the department's website, which has comprehensive information and streamlined online lodgement tools:

It will save you time and money if you check this before you call.

If you need to speak with us about your application, we aim to answer your call within the department's service standard of 10 minutes. During times of high volume, you may be waiting for an extended period of time.

Please be advised that Information Officers in the ESC can only assist or answer queries in relation to visas to Australia and Australian Citizenship matters. For enquiries relating to other Australian Government services, please visit:

The ESC offers services in the following languages:

*In order to provide the most efficient service and reduce waiting times, callers who select this language may be answered by either a Croatian or a Serbian speaker.

Client Telephone Hours

The ESC provides non-English language services from 09.00 to 12.00 (UK time) and English language services from 13.00 to 16.00 (UK time), Monday to Friday. If you want to speak in English, you must call between 13.00 and 16.00. We do not provide an English language service outside those hours.

Email Contact

For all enquiries, please use our web based client enquiry form.


The following table provides local telephone numbers for contacting the ESC. If you are calling from a country not listed in the table, you may contact the ESC directly on +44 (0) 20 7420 3690.

Note: International and domestic call charges may vary. You should confirm the cost with your telephone provider before calling.

Once you have been connected to the ESC, you can choose to speak with an operator in one of the languages listed above. Please note the client service hours for non-English and English language services.


Country Local Country Number International Number
Austria 01 9287 827 +43 1 9287 827
Croatia 01 777 6630 +385 1 777 6630
France 017 215 0067 +33 17 215 0067
Germany 0692 2223 9958 +49 692 2223 9958
Hungary 061 7789 450 +3 61 7789 450
Italy 068 750 0780 +39 068 750 0780
Poland 022 295 3626 +48 22 295 3626
Russia 49 5660 4511 +7 49 5660 4511
Serbia 0 11 411 2800 +381 11 411 2800
Spain 91 114 7390 +34 91 114 7390
United Kingdom 020 7420 3690 +44 20 7420 3690

Public Holidays

Our office will be closed on all English and some Australian public holidays. Please click here for more information.