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Royal Ascot - 2018

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Please check back here in the near future for information on the 2018 application and ballot process.
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Other information:

See the official website of the British Monarchy and Royal Ascot website

The Australian High Commission has been invited to submit a list of Australian nationals who wish to attend Royal Ascot 2018 in the Royal Enclosure.

We run a ballot for this privilege and results are final.

Because of the high demand and security requirements for the Royal Enclosure, we are required to undertake a rigorous application process. You will be asked to provide a letter of recommendation, please click here to download: letter of recommendation

The letter of recommendation should provide a character reference and confirm your suitability to attend Royal Ascot. It must include the full contact details of your referee (address, phone, email). 

The successful applicants will receive a Badge Request Form from us, which will entitle you to buy tickets for the Royal Enclosure. Badge Request Forms must be sent to the Royal Ascot Office with payment, indicating the day(s) you wish to attend.  No payment should be sent to the Australian High Commission.

Please read through all the supporting information carefully before lodging an application.

If your application is deemed incorrect or incomplete it will not be taken into consideration.


Royal Ascot will be held from Tuesday 19 June to Saturday 23 June 2018

A new race, the Commonwealth Cup, was added to the programme in 2015. It is described as a six furlong sprint designed to attract top class three year old horses from across the Commonwealth and the world.


Important note.  As the Australian High Commission does not take payment for Royal Ascot, we do not need to know the specific date(s) that you wish to attend.  We only need to know the number of guests who wish to attend.  Once you have completed your online application you will enter the ballot and, if successful, you will have to enter the intended date(s) into the badge request form that we will send you.  This form will then have to be sent by you to Royal Ascot.  As part of your online application, you will be asked to upload a scanned copy of your passport AND your letter of recommendation.  Please do not start your application unless you have scanned the information page of your passport AND your letter of recommendation for uploading to us.

Important notes:

  • Australian nationals can apply to be considered for a Royal Enclosure Badge Request Form.
  • The primary applicant must be an Australian citizen but may be accompanied by non-Australian citizens. Applications are restricted to immediate family – husbands, wives and children (unmarried sons and daughters aged 18-25 inclusive). Children aged 10-17 inclusive may accompany adults who have badges on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only.
  • Because of the high demand and security requirements for the Royal Enclosure, we are required to undertake a rigorous application process. We run a ballot for this privilege and results are final.
  • Applications received outside the designated application period will not be considered.
  • Successful candidates will be notified by email by late April.
  • Badges, once allocated cannot be refunded and are strictly non-transferable between race days and racegoers.

Married couples should note that Badges are normally issued in the husband’s name e.g Mr William Smith and Mrs William Smith.


Children under the age of 10 are not admitted to the Royal Enclosure.

Children between the ages of 10-17 years inclusive are welcome on Thursday 21, Friday 22 and Saturday 23 June 2018 but not earlier in the week.  Badges must be purchased in advance and they must be accompanied by an adult Royal Enclosure badge holder.

Proof of age may be requested, therefore please provide your child’s date of birth when applying to Royal Ascot.

Applicants aged between 18 and 25 inclusive are admitted to the Royal Enclosure at reduced rates.  Please see more details below.



  • Adult one day badge (Tuesday to Saturday): £165 per day
  • Young Guest (age 18-25 inclusive) one day badge (Tuesday to Saturday): £110 per day
  • Children (age 10-17 inclusive) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only: £30 per day
  • Car parking: £40 per day per car


Successful applicants in the 2018 ballot for the Royal Enclosure will receive an electronic Badge Request Form from the High Commission, which will enable you to make the payment with the Royal Enclosure directly.  We will make no further contact with you after you are sent this form.

You must complete the electronic badge request form, print it and submit to the Royal Enclosure Office together with payment. No payment should be sent to the Australian High Commission.

Badges for entry will be sent directly to the successful applicants from the Royal Enclosure Office by registered post, or you can collect them from the Racecourse. Details are on the Badge Request form.

If the day you selected has reached capacity, the Royal Enclosure Office will request a second day choice.

Please note: Once badges are allocated they cannot be refunded and are strictly non-transferable between race days or racegoers.


The rules on dress in the Royal Enclosure are strict. Precise details will be issued with badges and will also be available on the Royal Ascot website:

  • Ladies: Knee length formal day dress with a hat
  • Gentlemen: Black or grey morning dress, waistcoat and top hat are required
  • Girls (aged 10-17): Knee length formal day dress with a hat (may wear a headpiece or fascinator without any size restriction)
  • Boys (aged 10-17): A suit with a tie
  • Serving military personnel: Welcome to wear Service Dress or the equivalent
  • Overseas Visitors: Welcome to wear the formal national dress of their country.

Jeans and training shoes are not permissible.

Those not complying with the dress code will be asked to leave the Royal Enclosure and their Royal Enclosure badge will be removed.


Photography is not permitted within the Royal Enclosure.


If you are unsuccessful in your application please remember that tickets for the public areas and Grandstand can be brought directly from the Royal Ascot website:  

Please monitor our website regularly for further details.  Thank you for your interest.


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