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Defence: Procedures for Official Visits to the UK

All visits to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), military establishments and defence agencies and contractors must be arranged through either:

a. The Australian Defence Staff (ADS(L)) at the Australian High Commission London, for general visits, or

b. The Counsellor Defence Liaison, for Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO) visitors, or

c. The Australian liaison office, for Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) visitors as appropriate

Visits Process

 The visits process requirements are:

a. Visit proposal
The visitor is responsible for establishing contact with the intended appointment/area to be visited to determine the feasibility, timeframe and points of contact for the visit. The British defence liaison staff at the British High Commission Canberra may be approached for guidance. ADS(L) staff will assist in identifying areas to be visited if required, for example for multi-country visits.

b. Visit warning message/request for visit authorisation
At least 40 working days prior to departure, a visit warning message must be sent to ADS(L) detailing:
i. Visitors' names and organisations
ii. Contact details (office and after hours) for principal visitor
iii. Proposed dates of visit
iv. Facility to be visited
v. Brief description of purpose of visit, including aim and objectives
vi. Locations and points of contact
vii. Any other relevant information/request
The warning message/visit request will be acknowledged by an ADS(L) point of contact nominated or by the Senior Visits Officer.

c. Visit Authorisation Request - overseas visit/posting - security clearance advice
A Visit Authorisation Request is to be submitted to DSA Canberra when the visit arrangements have been confirmed and at least 30 working days prior to the first day of the intended visit. Refer to DI(G) Admin 23-5 for guidance, noting that insufficient notice or incorrect details will cause the security clearance advice to be rejected.
If Visit Authorisation Request is submitted with less than the required notice period, please contact Senior Visits Officer (ADS(L)) to seek further advice or the visit may be liable to rejection.

d. Variations
Any variation to the names of visitors, dates and facilities to be visited must be conveyed through the submission of a revised Visit Authorisation Request. Minor alterations to dates but within the processing lead times can be negotiated through ADS(L) and MoD UK IVCO after concurrence from the facility to be visited.

e. Visit administration, travel and accommodation
Visitors below three-star rank and equivalent are to action their own visit-related administration (AGCC, airline tickets, hotel accommodation, airport transfers, hire cars, allowances, etc). Through their Australian unit/movement agency and the defence travel contractor. ADS(L) Senior Visits Officer can provide assistance but does not have the staffing capacity to action bookings or claims for payment.

f. Contact prior to and on arrival
It is requested for a travel plan to be forwarded to the Senior Visits Officer for the ADS(L) visit contact officer, detailing accommodation, scheduled flights and other arrangements when known. The nominated ADS(L) visit contact officer should be telephoned on arrival/prior to the commencement of the visit to confirm the visit itinerary and/or be advised of any late changes.

g. Find our people program
As per the Find Our People Program, personnel travelling overseas must ensure that their Unit Security Officer (USO) holds a copy of their completed Form AB 644-Notification of Proposed Overseas Travel - detailing their full travel itinerary, dates in each location and contact telephone numbers or a contact telephone number of a person expected to know their movements. If a mass casualty incident occurs overseas, personnel in that location are asked to contact their supervisor, or telephone +61 2 6455 1455 to advise that they are safe or if they are in need of assistance. This number has a reverse charge capability, however, using mobile phones may incur a charge.

Alternatively, personnel should advise the nearest Australian Diplomatic Mission of their status. In the UK contact:

Australian High Commission, London
Main Switchboard Tel: +44 (0)20 7379 4334; Fax: +44 (0)20 7887 5558


Senior Visits Officer / Australian Defence Staff(London) - details listed below.

Multi Country Visits

If a visit will encompass other European countries (in addition to the United Kingdom), then the ADS(L) contact officer is to be contacted to coordinate with Australian DA's based in Europe. If the visit does not include the UK, the relevant DA based in Europe should be contacted directly.

Post Visit Report

A copy of the post visit report is to be sent to ADS(L) in accordance with paragraph 84 of this instruction. If appropriate, an initial feedback signal should be sent to ADS(L) detailing any actions likely to arise from the visit, such as:
i. Whether a return visit is required/agreed;
ii. Follow-up action to be taken by visitor;
iii. Follow-up action requested of ADS(L) and
iv. Advice of any decisions taken that are of interest to HADS(L) and Advisers or Counsellors.

Australian Defence Staff (London) Points of Contact

Senior Appointments
Senior ADS(L) appointments are listed in DRB 6 - Defence Programs Functional Directory under defence representation abroad and also in the defence electronic telephone directory and available from Senior Visits Officer.

Senior Visits Officer
Senior Visits Officer may be contacted on telephone + 44 (0) 20 7887 5607, facsimile +44 (0) 20 7413 0647 or by email [email protected]

Signal Address
Signals/messages should be addressed to Austcom London with the first line of text 'for HADS(L)' together with an unclassified copy sent by email to [email protected]

HADS(L) + 44 (0) 20 7240 8043, admin + 44 (0) 20 7413 0647