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Frequently Asked Questions

• Do I need any vaccinations to visit Australia?

• Will I be covered by Australia\'s medical insurance scheme, Medicare?

• Can I get Goods and Services Tax refunded on goods purchased in Australia?  

Can I drive in Australia using my UK drivers licence and do I need an International Drivers Permit?

• Can I take my medicines into Australia?

• How can I find out the customs regulations for taking the following into Australia:  

duty free, household goods, unaccompanied effects and other items 
importing a motor vehicle
food, plant and animal products

• Where can I find information on taxation and lodging a Tax Return for visitors to Australia?

• Can I claim a refund of superannuation benefits which I paid while working in Australia?

• How can I obtain an Australian birth, death or marriage certificate?

• How can I obtain a Police Clearance/Criminal History/"Certificate of Good Conduct" check?

• How can I find addresses for Australia\'s main post offices and find a postcode?

• What are the time differences between Australia and the UK?

• When are Australia\'s public holidays?

• What pension arrangements are there between Australia and the UK?

• Can visitors from the UK get married in Australia?

• Can a U.K. resident purchase property in Australia?

• Can I obtain Australian legal advice in the UK?

• How can I trace friends/relatives in Australia?