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King Cole Commemorative Service. Wednesday 6 June 2018

King Cole died of disease of the lungs at Guy's hospital in London June 24 1868.

06 June 2018

King Cole in Memorium


To Britain he came the land of the West

As a stranger for honour and glory

and now as a hero intrepid and bold,

will his name be recorded in Story


For not with the sword did he covet renown

the battle he fought was at cricket

In lieu of grim weapons of warfare he strove

with the bat and the ball at the wicket.


Still fortune was faithless and fickle to him

not long in the strife he contended

and never did victory gladden his side

when ever the fort he defended.


Now run out for naught in the innings of life

by the grave of the good is he sleeping

yet sad are his comrades though record they well

how safe is their mate in our keeping.


But smile gallant fellows not few are the friends

who would soften the place of his pillow

It may be our children will garland his grave

E'er you have gone over the billow


And chieftains of England give ear to the song

of a minstrel with harp unromantic

You who have won laurels by Yarra's fair shore

Or bays gathered over Atlantic


If ever you traverse old ocean again

take guard of the bloody uprooter

for death may be chartered to bowl in a match

and trundled down with a 'shooter'


You measure the length of his terrible aim

as you sail on the sea in a clipper

so shall you be able his overs to drive

let him run and then pitch up a ripper


Not well could you fancy to slumber afar

In the shade of some desolate haven

not much would you value a tablet or tomb

by the hand of the Stranger engraven.


(written in the hand of C. Lawrence, taken from the original document)