Australian High Commission
United Kingdom
Australia House, London

Notarial Fees

From 1 November 2022


Under the Consular Fees Act of 1995, fees are charged for these services. Our fees are updated monthly against the current exchange rate.

It is the responsibility of the client to present the document to be serviced in the correct form, and to provide the correct instructions for servicing. Consular staff DO NOT provide legal, or other advice on individual requirements and refunds are NOT provided. Obtain the correct advice from the individual, organisation or authority you are dealing with, prior to attending the High Commission.

Please note that fees are based on a single copy of a single document, or signature. 



Witnessing a signature - cost per signature

$80.00 £44.00

Making and certifying a copy of a document or part of a document - cost for each document 

$80.00 £44.00

Authenticating a document - cost for each document

Affixing an Apostille to a document - cost for each document









Witnessing the execution of a will $80.00 £44.00
Issuing a Certificate of No Impediment $161.00 £88.00


Click here for a payment mandate form, if sending documents by post. 

All fees to be paid in £ Pound sterling. Australian Dollar amount is shown as a guideline only.

Most debit/credit cards (excluding Amex) are accepted. Australian eftpos cards cannot be processed. Cash and/or cheques are not accepted.

NOTE: No GST/VAT is payable on the above fees and receipts are issued for all transactions.