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Original documents located overseas

Original documents located overseas


If your original documents are located in another country, you can have a friend or relative present them on your behalf instead of having the originals sent to you in the United Kingdom.


If the original documents are in Australia

There are two options:

Option 1 - Take the original documents to any Australian Passport Office and ask for them to be faxed or emailed to the London Passport Office.  There is a Passport Office in each state capital.  Call 131 232 in Australia for office details.



Option 2 - Take the original documents to the Passport Agent at an Australia Post Office.  If choosing this option, your friend/relative must complete these steps:

  • Find an Australian Post Office that provides passport services at  Most locations require an appointment which can be made online or by calling 137 678.

  • Make sure to deal with the accredited Passport Agent at the Post Office (not a general post office employee).

  • Advise the Passport Agent the documents are for a passport application being lodged in at the London Passport Office.  Ask the Passport Agent to copy the documents and stamp them with the passport stamp as a “true copy of an original”. 

  • Ask the Passport Agent to fax or email the stamped copies to the London Passport Office.   Note:  Australia Post charges a fee for this service. The fax or email must be sent by the Passport Agent (not faxed by your friend/relative). 

If the original documents are in a different overseas country

Your friend/relative may present the original documents to any passport office at an Australian Embassy or Consulate-General overseas.  They should check whether an appointment is required.  A list of Australian embassies can be found by clicking here.


After the documents have been presented

After your friend/relative has lodged the documents on your behalf, you should contact us to find out if we have received your documents.  You should do this before attending your interview in case there are any problems with the documentation received.


Please note that the passport office accepts only original documents as part of a passport application.  We do not accept photocopies, notarised copies or copies made by a Justice of the Peace.