Australian High Commission
United Kingdom

Passport Name Change

Use a name that appeared in your most recent Australian passport

You may be entitled to use a name that was recorded on your most recent Australian passport provided it:

  • was issued on or after 20 August 1986;
  • had at least two-years validity; and
  • has not been replaced with another name registered with an Australian RBDM or stated on an Australian citizenship certificate.

If you wish to continue to use a name from your last passport which differs from your birth and citizenship name, you should leave section 4 of the passport application form blank as it currently does not include the option of using a previous passport. If you are completing the form online on our website at, our system will not permit you to progress if you leave a question blank. You will, instead, need to contact the Australian High Commission on 020 7887 5816 between 9am and 12 noon for assistance in completing your application. At your passport interview you should explain that you wish to use the name in your previous passport. The passport interviewing staff will take this into account in processing your passport application.