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Royal Garden Parties - 2022

2022 Garden Parties

We have very recently been informed that unfortunately The Australian High Commission is not being invited to nominate visiting Australian nationals for this year's events.  We apologise for any disappointment that this may cause.

It is our hope that this situation will revert to us being able to nominate visiting Australians for events in 2023.

We have no advice or guidance regarding the applicants who were successful in the 2020 ballot to be able to attend any event in the future, if at all.  If we do receive this guidance, it will be posted on the Royal Events webpages here.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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If you have previously attended (or been issued a ticket to) a Royal Garden Party you cannot apply again.

Please note: It is no longer a requirement to provide letters of recommendation.

A random ballot system is used in the ticket allocation process. The results of the ballot are final. No correspondence will be entered into regarding its outcome. 

Please read through all the supporting information carefully before lodging an application.

If your application is deemed incorrect or incomplete it will not be taken into consideration.



The Royal Garden Parties take place in the grounds of Buckingham Palace between the hours of 4.00pm to 6.00pm.  Palace gates are open from around 3.00pm.

For information on what to expect on the day of the event, please visit the official website of The British Monarchy and Royal Garden Parties.

Two forms of identification for each person are required for entry to a Royal Garden Party, one of which must be photographic, to confirm full name, date of birth and current address.  All names and addresses on the invitations must match the details on these forms of identification to allow access to the event.

Please note that there are NO parking facilities offered for guests.  Disability badge (Blue Badge) holders may apply for parking.  No exceptions are allowed.

For more information on eligibility and administration, see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

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  • If you have previously attended (or been issued a ticket to) a Royal Garden Party you cannot apply again. The High Commission is required to check against previous attendance records.  If an applicant or their guest is found to have attended previously, their applications will be automatically deleted including those for their guests.


  • Eligibility:  Australians visiting the United Kingdom AND Australians with a valid passport and a temporary visa in the United Kingdom, eg. Working Holiday Visa, Temporary Work Visa, Student Visa etc. are eligible to apply.  Permanent residents/dual nationals with visas such as Indefinite Leave to Remain are not eligible to apply.
  •  The primary applicant must be an Australian citizen in possession of a temporary visa for the UK, but may be accompanied by non-Australian citizen spouse/partner and/or child.
  • All guests must be over the age of 18 years.
  • A party may number up to a maximum of 4 people (the main guest, spouse/partner/companion and up to 2 children aged 18-25).
  • Applications are restricted to immediate family.
  • Children are defined as the unmarried sons and daughters of the main applicant, aged 18 to 25 years inclusive only.
  • Older people or people with disabilities who need assistance MUST be accompanied.
  • Successful applicants will be notified in March 2020.

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To be considered complete, your application must be submitted online. The main applicant and spouse/partner (if applicable) must provide all passport details, and provide a secondary form of identification with proof of residential address (matching the address in your online application form) in order to collect their tickets from the Australian High Commission – e.g. Drivers licence, utility bill, credit card or bank statement.  Please note PO boxes are not accepted.  

As part of your online application, the main applicant and spouse/partner (if applicable) will be asked to upload photographed/scanned copies of valid passports, and a photographed/scanned copy of proof of residential address (matching the addresses in your online application form).  This address may be in Australia, as long as it matches the address in your application and you are/will be a short-term visitor or tourist in the U.K.

Please do not start your application unless you have saved image files of your passport(s) AND proof of address(es) for the main applicant and spouse/partner ready for uploading to us.  Total file size must be under 4mb.  These files must be sent to us in the same email automatically generated at the end of the application process.  If you send these files at a later date, your application is not valid.  Also please note that if the files/images are not legible or are unable to be opened, or if you send links to cloud-based storage locations, your application will be disqualified.

If adult children (18-25 inclusive) are included in your application, you do NOT need to upload the passport information page or proof of address for them, but if your application is successful, they, (along with all other guests) will need to take their passports and proof of address with them on the day.

Important notes:

Applications must be submitted online by 10:00 GMT on  Applications received after this date will be automatically deleted.

Married couples and de facto partners should use the same application form.

If your application is successful, we will contact you after the ballot and provide further instructions about the Royal Garden Parties.

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Tickets must be collected from the reception of the Australian High Commission in London the day before, or the morning of your chosen Garden Party (exact dates and times to be advised if you are successful in the ballot).  Under no circumstances will invitations be posted or available for collection outside of the indicated timing.

You will be required to show proof of identity of all applicants in order to collect tickets.  This must include the same passport(s) as contained in your online application. 

Reminder: The primary applicant must show a valid Australian passport, and a secondary form of identification with proof of address – e.g. Drivers licence, utility bill, credit card or bank statement in order to collect tickets.

Australian High Commission

Australia House
Strand, London

(Hours of opening are 0900hrs - 1700hrs weekdays only).

Nearest Underground Station: Temple

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Please do not apply for a Royal Garden Party if there is a possibility you will not be able to attend.  Once you have submitted your application, no changes can be made to the names, addresses or attendees on your application.  Tickets are non-transferable.  If you cannot attend you must return your ticket to the Australian High Commission at the address above.  Once you have submitted your online application we are unable to change the date of your preferred event, or the names/attendees of your chosen date.

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Q:  I will be visiting the UK on a short trip as a tourist, am I eligible to apply for the Royal Garden Party?
A:  Yes, short stay visitors or tourists are welcome to apply.  Temporary residents or visitors in the UK (e.g. holders of Student visas, Temporary work permits, Working Holiday Maker visas etc) are also welcome to apply.

Q:  I have noticed that eligibility criteria has changed in recent years and the letters of recommendation are not on the list of required documents. Do I need to provide references as in the previous years?
A:  No, it is no longer a requirement to provide the letters of recommendation. Please check the selection criteria before submitting your application to ensure you provide all other supporting documentation.

Q:  I am an Australian citizen in possession of a temporary visa for the UK, however my spouse/partner is not. Am I able to include them in my application for the Royal Garden Party?
A:  Yes, it is possible to be accompanied by a non-Australian citizen spouse/partner and/or child.

Q:  How do I send the copies of the requested documents to your office – hard copy, scanned email etc.?
A:  At the end of ythe online application process, you will receive a unique reference number and there will be a link for you to 'upload your documents now'.  When you click this link, you must attach all required image files of passport(s) and proof of address(es) for the primary applicant (the person who is filling in the application) and spouse/partner.  Please make sure you are prepared to upload all documents before starting your online application.  Your attachments should not exceed 4MB; otherwise they will be not be received.

You are required to bring passports and a secondary form of identification with proof of address to the Australian High Commission in order to collect your tickets.

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IMPORTANT - Unfortunately If you do not send passport AND proof of address files with your online application, your application will not be taken into consideration and therefore will not be entered into the ballot.  Please do not commence with the application process until you have all the required information and files ready for uploading.  If these files are sent at a different time after you complete your application, your application will not count.  Thank you. 

Please note:

  • The High Commission will not enter into any discussion over the allocation of invitations to these events.
  • The result of the ballot is final.  No correspondence will be entered into regarding its outcome.


In submitting an application, the principal applicant will solemnly and sincerely declare for themselves and, where applicable, on behalf of their guest that:

  • I, the principal applicant is an Australian with a current Australian passport and either visiting the UK or temporarily residing in the UK
  • We have not previously attended a Royal Garden Party
  • All applicants are over the age of 18 
  • We agree to submit proof of citizenship
  • We understand that all applications are automatically checked and multiple applications will be deleted
  • We have checked this application and the information submitted is accurate
  • We will abide by all security guidelines and conditions as requested by Buckingham Palace
  • We will abide by the outcome of the random electronic ballot




Privacy Statement:

The personal information in the following  form is collected by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (“DFAT”) for the purposes of registration for the 2020 Royal Events and will only be used for purposes related to, or arising from, these activities. DFAT will store your personal information and may share the information we have collected with other government agencies. For further information regarding how DFAT handles your personal information, how to access or correct your personal information, how to complain about a breach of privacy and relevant contact details, please refer to our Privacy Policy at:

At the Palace, The Keeper of the Privy Purse is the data controller responsible for processing this personal data on behalf of the Royal household.  This organisation complies with the Data Protection Act 2018. If you would like more information, please see the Royal Household Privacy Notice at (external link)

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