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Anzac Day London Ticket Application

Information about applying for tickets to Anzac Day 2023 Service at The Cenotaph is posted here.

Admittance to the services at The Cenotaph are strictly by ticket only. Ticket applications are open to all members of the public. There is no cost to attend any of the events listed. The application needs to be completed for every person wishing to attend the services (except for children 3 years and under). If you wish to march in the Cenotaph Parade, there is a section on the registration form for completion.

To issue tickets we require the following information for all guests:

  • Postal address within the United Kingdom. If you do not reside or have an address in the United Kingdom you will be required to advise the address of the accommodation where you will be staying. Tickets are unable to be sent outside the United Kingdom.
  • Permanent residential address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Government issued photo identification details – from a valid passport or driver licence. This same identification document must be presented on the day of the event.

Please be careful when entering your addresses and identification numbers. Tickets cannot be issued for incomplete or inaccurate applications. Tickets will be dispatched in early to mid-April.

Attendance Conditions:

Attendees (“You”) agree to comply with security and safety procedures and instructions from staff, stewards, security and/or Police Officers at the event(s). You may be subject to bag searches, metal detector tests and/or comprehensive physical screening. Failure to comply with such procedures and instructions may lead to refusal of entry and/or ejection from the event(s). All attendees, (except for children 3 years of age and under) must produce, upon request, a valid ticket and corresponding government issued photographic proof of identity before being authorised admission and/or continuance at the event(s).

Tickets may only be acquired by individuals for personal use and remain the property of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade at all times. Tickets may not be transferred, sold, on-sold, exchanged for fee or reward, other valuable consideration or otherwise commercially dealt with, or under any other circumstances. Contravening these conditions will result in tickets being nullified and refusal of admission.

Tickets are strictly prohibited from use in advertising, promotion or any other commercial or non-commercial purposes. If you are photographed or filmed whilst at the event(s), you consent to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, or third parties appointed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, photographing and/or filming you and using your image, likeness and voice without compensation, credit or restriction for perpetuity.

Privacy Statement:

The personal information described above in this form is collected by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (“DFAT”) for the purposes of registration for the Anzac Day Cenotaph event and will only be used for purposes related to, or arising from, these activities.

If you don’t provide the information requested DFAT will be unable to issue a ticket to you. You have the right to access and correct your personal information. DFAT will store your personal information securely until it is deleted.

DFAT will disclose your information to the New Zealand High Commission for the purpose of co-delivering the events, including maintaining security.

DFAT may disclose your information to the London Metropolitan Police (if requested) and other local security/intelligence agencies, and to the Australian Police for security and vetting purposes.

DFAT is using third party software (Zkipster) for the processing of the data required to apply for Anzac Day tickets.  Their GPDR statement can be found here: (external link)  Data collected for Anzac Day ticket applications will be deleted once the events have taken place, and relevant reporting statistics are collected.  By completing the online request for Anzac Day tickets you agree to your data being compiled for this purpose.

If you have any questions regarding how DFAT handles your personal information, how to access or correct your personal information, how to complain about a breach of privacy, please contact the High Commission.

By completing  and submitting the online form, you agree to our Attendance Conditions and Privacy Statement.

Please click here to apply for tickets