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Cons - before you go

Before you travel 

  • take out travel insurance and make sure your policy covers all of the activities you plan to take part in - including any extreme sports

  • check that your passport is valid and fill in the emergency contact details and

  • read up on the visa requirements for the countries you plan to visit as the Australian Government cannot intervene in border control issues. 

  • if travelling in Europe make sure you are familiar with Schengen Convention entry requirements  

  • check with your doctor as soon as possible to find out if you need any vaccinations before you travel

  • check our travel advice pages for information on the country you are visiting and register for regular e-mail updates

  • consider taking a mobile phone with you while you are away as a way of staying in touch

  • find out where the nearest Australian High Commission or embassy is. Save the phone number for it and the 24 hour Consular Emergency Centre to your mobile phone +61 2 62613305 (freecall from the UK 0808 5890 165)

  • make a photocopy of your passport, insurance policy details and take a note of your passport number

  • organise a variety of ways of accessing your money overseas, such as credit cards, travellers’ cheques and cash

  • check with your bank whether your ATM card will work overseas

  • tell family and friends where you are going and leave them your contact details, insurance policy details and your itinerary

  • make sure you have enough money to cover emergencies

  • invest in a good travel guide to help you plan your trip and familiarise yourself with local customs and laws