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What Are Notarial/Legalisation services?


Do I need to make an appointment?


Do I need to come in to Australia House or can I send my documents in the mail?


Can I get this done somewhere else?


Do I have to use your services?


Can I use a JP or police officer in the UK?


What documents do I need to bring?


Why do I need to pay a fee?


Why can’t you provide me with guidance or advice on the notarial service I require?

Please note that consular staff are not legally trained and cannot provide you with legal advice. If you require guidance or advice you should seek this from legal representative or the receiving authority. You must confirm the details of your requirements before approaching us for assistance. Please ensure that documents relating to the notarial services you require from the Australian High Commission are presented in the correct form and that you provide the correct instructions for the notarial service you require. If you are unsure of the legislative requirements relating to the notarial service you require, you should seek independent legal advice. Please note that neither the Australian Government nor the High Commission in London guarantees the legal effectiveness of the notarised document or the accuracy of its content. Fees paid for notarial services are non-refundable.