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Defence representation in London covers all Defence policy issues, issues of a joint operational nature, specific Single Service matters of all three Services (Navy, Army and Air Force), and a broad range of acquisition, industry and science activities.

This page provides details of Defence personnel at the Australian High Commission. It also provides links to other key defence related sites in Australia.  For information about Procedures for Official Visits to the UKclick here.


Australia House Defence Personnel

The Australian Defence Staff London operates under a Joint Directive from the Chief of the Defence Force and the Secretary.

Head of Australian Defence Staff (HADS)

The position of HADS brings a whole-of-department approach to the direction in which the Australian Defence Staff (London) moves. It also allows access to the higher end of the policy spectrum within the MoD and to Ministers. 

Head of Australian Defence Staff London Office

To contact the HADS office please email: [email protected] 


Navy Office

The Naval Adviser (NA) represents the Royal Australian Navy in the UK. The NA is responsible for liaison with the MoD, the Royal Navy, UK defence industry and for managing all RAN personnel in the UK and initial lateral transfer enquiries. The NA also provides maritime advice to HADS and is the point of contact for Defence Personnel policy, covering strategic and Human Resource Management issues. 

To contact the Navy office please email: [email protected]


Army Office

The Army Adviser (AA) represents the Australian Army in the UK. The AA is responsible for liaison with the UK MoD, the British Army, UK Defence Industry and is the Formation Commander for all Australian Army personnel serving in the UK and handles initial lateral transfer enquiries. The AA also provides military advice to the HADS and in particular, on operational matters. 

To contact the Army office please email: [email protected]


Air Force Office

The Office of the Air Force Adviser (AFA) provides three core functions:

1. To command and manage all RAAF personnel on exchange, loan or liaison posting, and on training courses, in the UK. This is the highest priority function of the AFA Office.

2. To act as liaison and focal point of contact for the RAAF and RAF. The AFA is CAF's representative to the RAF's Chief of Air Staff (CAS), and principal adviser to HADS on all issues pertaining to the RAAF.

3. To represent the RAAF and ADF at representational, ceremonial and memorial activities in the UK.

In addition to these core functions the AFA acts as the initial point of contact for lateral transfer enquiries. 

To contact the Air Force office please email: [email protected]


Defence Science and Technology Office

The Minister Counsellor Defence Science and Technology (CONDS) works on behalf of the Defence Science & Technology Group (DST Group) to provide liaison with the UK and Europe on defence science and technology matters, representing the interests of the Chief Defence Scientist and DST Group in these countries. CONDS works to establish and maintain liaison on scientific and technical matters with Ministers, research and development establishments, universities, and industries. CONDS’s objective is to give advice that is professional, impartial, and well informed on the application of science, technology that is best suited to Australia’s defence, and security needs.

To contact the DST Group office please email: [email protected]


Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group Office

The Counsellor Defence Materiel (CONDMAT) represents the interests of the Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group (CASG) in the UK and Europe and is the head of the CASG London office. CONDMAT maintains a strong liaison with counterparts from the UK’s Ministry of Defence, particularly the Defence Equipment and Support organisation, links with other defence acquisition organisations across Europe and links with regional defence industry.

The procurement team is responsible for all procurement activities assigned to the CASG London office, including: inviting tenders; analysing bids; negotiating terms and conditions; placing contracts; and managing contracts. The section also arranges support activities such as: shipment of supplies and freight management; export licence facilitation; quality assurance; and technical, legal and financial audit services within the supplier’s host country.

Through the Senior Adviser position, we maintain knowledge of UK and European defence sector activity and can respond to queries about Australia’s defence acquisition and sustainment initiatives, policies and strategies. We also: support Defence ‘Team Australia’ engagement at shows and events, working with CASG and external stakeholders to bring a Whole of Government perspective; advise on recent developments in Australian defence industry programs and the structure of Australia’s defence industry; and provide guidance on business opportunities in current and future Australian Defence programs. 

You can link to the CASG internet page

To contact the CASG office please email: [email protected]


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