Australian High Commission
United Kingdom
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Apostilles, authentications and statutory declarations

STATUTORY DECLARATIONS - Please complete the statutory declaration (do not sign) and have it ready for an officer to witness your signature at the Australian High Commission. For a copy of a blank statutory declaration form, please click here.


APOSTILLES & AUTHENTICATIONS – Further information on what an apostille and authentication are, can be found on the Smartraveller website. Special attention should be paid to the section on educational and private documents.


If in doubt, scan and email your document/s to [email protected] for further advice prior to attending the High Commission, or sending your originals to us.


The High Commission can affix an apostille or authentication to some Australian public documents. This process ensures the authenticity of those documents and can be complex. Not all documents are the same, and the process can require additional verification by consular officers before affixing any apostille/authentication.


The following Australian public documents may be able to have an apostille/authentication applied to it immediately during your appointment:


•             Certificates issued by a State/Territory Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages

•             National Police Certificates issued by the Australian Federal Police

•             Certificates of No Impediment issued by an Australian Diplomatic Mission, or Australian State/Territory DFAT Office


Any other document presented with a request to have an apostille or authentication affixed to it may require a consular officer to temporarily retain your original, or take a copy of your document for further examination. We will aim to have a response within 2 working days in such cases. Some documents may take considerably longer to verify depending on the organisation/institution who issued the document.

Your original document/s can either be returned to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery, or be available for collection. This will include any document that will require an apostille/authentication to be binded to your document (where there is no space on the reverse for the apostille/authentication).


Consider sending your original document/s for apostilles and authentications by post to the consular office for processing. Please see ‘Send your documents in by post for legalisation’


If in doubt, scan and email your document/s to [email protected] for further advice prior to attending the High Commission, or sending them to us.


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